​  “I’ve experienced three different life altering shifts since starting my journey with Dr. Tammi and Serafina. The first one is my own opening up and realizing how much unlocked potential and nurturing energy was waiting for me through tapping into the powerful gateways and knowledge that is accessed through this/their powerful magic and medicine.

The second was upon entering treatment as an expectant mother. The support and total system nourishment I felt for myself and the baby on our journey to meet earthside was invaluable and connected my baby and I on this journey of preparation together in the deepest most held of ways.

The next major shift my life went through while getting treatment with Dr. Tammi was getting to see the way my young daughter has been responsive and craving her own treatments at Serafina. It feels so good to give her the magic I’ve experienced there as well.”


“ I have had network care for almost 10 years with Dr. Tammi. When I started, I suffered from debilitating panic and anxiety. Although working on my health through food and exercise, it wasn’t until network that I felt 90% better. I went from one intense panic attack a week to zero within five years of care.”


“Mind feels clear, therefore my body is realigning and
. I have virtually no pain from L5 ( which was severe), since I’ve been seeing Dr Tammi.”

Teri Pearsall

​ “I am so happy to be clearing the generational warehouse of habitual belief patterns so my grandchildren and great grandchildren ​can be free to create their own joy. For the first time I feel safe to dream big for myself. It is the first time I am not putting everyone else before my needs.” 


“Dr. Tammi, the gift you are giving to each person
that walks through your doors and the community is
invaluable! It’s been such a joy and honor to watch you embody your powerful & uniquely you expression so boldly with such poise and grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you for opening yourself up to receive the beautiful energy and presence of Serafina. You truly work alchemical magic!”