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Serafina Spinal Care Sessions

Heal your nervous system and transform your experience of life.

Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas VI

Serafina Spinal Care Sessions

Heal your nervous system and transform your experience of life.

Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas VI

Unlock Your Optimal Wellbeing with Network Spinal Analysis (NSA)

Is your nervous system running on empty? Would you like to enhance your ability to thrive in life? Welcome to Network Spinal Analysis – a revolutionary approach to revitalize your body and mind.

Network Spinal Care is a chiropractic technique practiced by qualified chiropractors, that addresses nervous system tension; a foundational factor known to cause various pain and illnesses. Spinal Care Sessions at Serafina Wellness & Alchemy involves precise, gentle spinal touch to prompt the nervous system, aiming to enhance overall well-being.

Here’s why NSA could be your gateway to a healthier, more vibrant you: 

✨ Energy Restoration

NSA reinvigorates your nervous system, replenishing the energy needed for optimal functioning.

✨ Dynamic Adaptability

Say goodbye to rigidity! NSA helps your body and spine break free from contraction, promoting flexibility and resilience.

✨ Stress Relief:

Tension trapped in your body? NSA eases the tightness, reducing stress and promoting a sense of calm.

✨ Enhanced Breath and Heart Health

Experience deeper breaths and a regulated heart rate as NSA liberates your body from energy conservation mode.

✨ Combat Anxiety and Depression

Break free from the cycle of anxiety and depression with NSA’s holistic approach to reorganizing your nervous system.

✨ Quality Sleep

NSA may be the key to restful nights by addressing the root causes of poor sleep and promoting relaxation.

✨ Elevated Mood and Energy

Unleash your potential! NSA empowers your nervous system to adapt and reorganize, fostering elevated energy levels and a positive mood.

✨ Natural Healing

Pain, symptoms, and disease often stem from a depleted system. NSA facilitates your body’s innate ability to heal and thrive.

Heal your body through your nervous system.

The nervous system controls the development and regulation of all of the systems in the body – immune, reproductive, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular, detoxification, elimination, hormonal, respiratory, etc…

When the body’s resource is low, the nervous system conserves energy by limiting the function of these systems, which over time leads to pain, symptoms, disease and illness.

Healing with Spinal Care Sessions involves liberating the tension and distortion patterns that led to the dis-ease, by flooding the system with enough vital resource to be able to adapt to and overcome these defense patterns.

Dr. Tammi’s signature spinal care methodology and wellness education has helped people heal their bodies and overcome dis-ease in the following areas:

• Pain, tension and stiffness in the neck, upper back, lower back, pelvis and tailbone
• Pain in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles and feet
• Budging and Herniated Discs
• Anxiety & Depression
• Fatigue
• Arthritis
• Debilitating panic attacks
• Inability to get preganant
• Posture Problems
• Scoliosis & Abnormal Spinal Curves
• Incontinenece
• Jaw Pain and Clenching
• Teeth Grinding
• Reactivity
• Tightness in the chest
• Balance issues

Dr. Tammi Mcknight

Neurological Chiropractor & Founder of Serafina Wellness & Alchemy

I’m a licensed neurological chiropractor based in St. Thomas USVI, with over two decades of expertise specializing in Network Spinal Care.

My journey into this field was deeply personal, sparked by a profound transformation as I navigated through a challenging odyssey to heal from chronic pain and injuries. From my back and knee to my hips, collarbone, and more, I faced a myriad of physical challenges, including concussions, hematoma, and a hairline fracture in my pelvis. Beyond these, I grappled with the side effects of birth control, emotional abuse in a relationship, and high levels of physical, chemical, and emotional stress on my body. The toll was immense, leading to severe depression, the loss of my period, hair falling out, persistent fatigue, and a genuine fear that I might not reach another birthday.

To this day, these experiences have fueled my commitment to helping others on their path to wellness through Network Spinal Care, and other core methodologies I have learned that compliment my Spinal Care Sessions and life’s work at Serafina.

Welcome to Serafina Spinal Care Sessions

Heal and rewire your nervous system, release tension in your body, and awaken to your fullest experience of life, through the advanced chiropractic technique, Network Spinal Analysis. 

Using the Serafina Way to Wellness as a map for your healing.

During our Spinal Care Sessions, we’ll help you move through the 3 core layers of healing:



First, we DISCOVER our body by bringing attention to it and increasing our awareness of it.  Where do we hold tension, where is there ease?  What happens in our body when we get stressed?  Where are we disconnected?  What different energies are present in our body in a given time?  What is the frequency of the area(s) of pain?  What messages does it have for us?

As we discover more and begin to take more personal responsibility for our body and our lives, we begin to more fully harness the energy of EMOTION. This allows us to create a bridge to move from lack of awareness/living a life from default, to more self empowerment and becoming the mapmaker of our life. This is where we move into the frequency of TRANSFORM.


In the Transform phase, we initiate momentum, similar to the how a plane uses more fuel during takeoff. Drawing on the enhanced resourcefulness gained in Discover, we venture into new realms to extract profound wisdom and awareness. This newfound fuel propels us to overcome the threshold needed to discharge what no longer serves us – whether it’s entrenched perspectives, old narratives, or ways of showing up in the world. Releasing these constructs forges a new, authentic, resilient, and adaptable version of ourselves, better prepared to see life’s challenges as opportunities. Transformation concludes (for now) with a resolution of discharged energetics, transitioning from high to low tension. This shift begins to AWAKEN our senses beyond the mind, to a frequency that the mind cannot reach on its own.


In Awaken, we embrace the intelligence that animates us and the universe, experiencing life non-linearly. Attributes like knowingness, guidance, respect, authentic expression, love (both fierce and gentle), deep trust, and connection become the baseline for our experience. Awaken’s energetics often transcend time and space, making serendipity a norm and everyday living seem magical. Responsibility in Awaken reaches its pinnacle as we recognize the ripple effect of our actions, thoughts, and life structure on our family, community, and beyond.

Moving further through Awaken, we gaze back at the world with an open heart, witnessing pervasive suffering among fellow humans, animals, and Mother Earth. This prompts a revisit to past seasons with a newer, expanded perspective.

What is different about Serafina Spinal Care Sessions?

Network Spinal Analysis is a Reorganizational Healing method, not Restorative Therapy

Restorative therapy (most modern medicine) is trying to return the body/mind/life to a previous state minus the pain, symptoms or crisis. 

However the reason the pain, symptom or crisis came about is because something was out of alignment in the previous state of being, for your mind, body or soul, and the pain, symptom or state came in to signal you that CHANGE was necessary.

Reorganizational healing recognizes this and uses the pain, symptom, or crisis to guide and inform a NEW and more ALIGNED direction forward, so we can garner the WISDOM and message from the pain/symptom/crisis.  By REORGANIZING our thoughts, behaviors & actions, we can move towards a new aligned state and experience.  

Why Say Yes to Spinal Care with Dr. Tammi?

  1.  NSA is critical for helping to regulate your nervous system which is often the missing link to people’s health & life challenges


  2.  NSA increases the capacity of YOU


  3.  NSA activates your brain and nervous system from the foundational primitive brain, to the emotional system, the thinking mind, the prefrontal cortex, to the heart center… allowing you to access the most regulated version of your body’s main wiring system


  4.  NSA is often the difference between accessing and living in 2-3 main states of consciousness in ones lifetime versus having access to the full spectrum of the human experience and 12 different states of s consciousness


  5.  NSA is gentle yet profoundly powerful in terms of assisting people in increasing function and having forward momentum

5 Simple Steps to begin your NSA journey at Serafina:



Step 1

Schedule Initial Appointment (Exam & First Session Package)


Step 2

Attend your Neurological & Chiropractic Exam & Experience your First Session


Step 3

Return for your Report of Findings (to learn more & receive recommendations)


Step 4

Receive Ongoing Care via Insurance or Self-Pay Package Options


Step 5

Schedule Future Appointments to continue your healing journey at Serafina


It’s possible for you to have more capacity, more resource, and more energy for life. Begin your Spinal Care journey today!