What you need to know about NSA

Network Spinal Analysis is a Reorganizational Healing method, not Restorative Therapy

Restorative therapy (almost all western medicine) is trying to return the body/mind/life to a previous state minus the pain, symptoms or crisis. 

However the reason the pain, symptom or crisis came about is because something was out of alignment in the previous state of being, for your mind, body or soul, and the pain, symptom or state came in to signal you that CHANGE was necessary.

Reorganizational healing recognizes this and uses the pain, symptom, or crisis to guide and inform a NEW and more ALIGNED direction forward, so we can garner the WISDOM and message from the pain/symptom/crisis.  By REORGANIZING our thoughts, behaviors & actions, we can move towards a new aligned state and experience.  

5 Essentials of Network Spinal Analysis:

  1.  NSA is critical for helping to regulate your nervous system which is often the missing link to people’s health & life challenges


  2.  NSA increases the capacity of YOU


  3.  NSA activates your brain and nervous system from the foundational primitive brain, to the emotional system, the thinking mind, the prefrontal cortex, to the heart center… allowing you to access the most regulated version of your body’s main wiring system


  4.  NSA is often the difference between accessing and living in 2-3 main states of consciousness in ones lifetime versus having access to the full spectrum of the human experience and 12 different states of s consciousness


  5.  NSA is gentle yet profoundly powerful in terms of assisting people in increasing function and having forward momentum

12 Stages of Healing

At Serafina, we work with the 12 Stages of Healing model from Donald E. Epstein, supporting our clients through these 12 states of consciousness that are part of the cycle of healing, from suffering and being stuck in deep pain, to transforming that pain, learning from it, and fully integrating it’s lessons into our lives to be of service in the world. 

Here is the essence of each of the 12 stages:

Stage 1: Reconnecting with the parts of ourself we have alienated and disconnected from

Stage 2: Allowing our different rhythms to come into more aligned union

Stage 3: Identifying, harnessing, releasing and loving our stuck energy and consciousness  that has been hindering our forward momentum


Stage 4: Claiming full association with our experience and taking radical responsibly for our life, and using that as fuel to jumpstart our life transformation

Stage 5: Areas we previously deemed off limits because they weren’t safe for us, we now begin to access from a place of greater empowerment and wholeness, thus increasing our capacity and ability to be in the world exponentially

Stage 6: Building momentum to release that which is no longer in alignment or service to us

Stage 7: Discharging and completing with unaligned actions, energetics, and thought patterns that are no longer in service to our more aligned empowered experience of ourself and our life, going from high tension to low tension

Stage 8: Entering into spaciousness that is created from releasing that which no longer serve

Stage 9: To have an experience of our body where we have consistent energy moving through it and from there become aware of the energetics that make up all of creation

Stage 10: To become one with the cosmos and the universe, where everything including us feels like it is shinning and vibrating so intensely that everything seems so interconnected and non-delineated, remember our origins

Stage 11: To garner the remembrance we had in stage 10, and channel that into our unique gifts and passions that we remember with a deeper purpose we are here to share with other humans and the world

Stage 12: To immerse ourselves into humanity and creation with a deep level of responsibility to be in service for the greater good of all